Opera Afternoon

I like the opera and don’t get to go as often as I would like. The power of the voices, the beauty of the language, and the history and tradition of it always intrigue me. The opera isn’t just something you go to, it’s an experience! The Arts are always an experience and something you will never regret investing some time in.

3 “Arts” outings:

1-Find a play, a musical, the opera, the symphony. If you want a cheaper option try your local college. They usually have student performances that are very good. Anything you have to get dressed up and fancy for! Bust out your fancy clothes and jewelry. It’s fun to get all dressed up and go to a place where everyone is dressed up too!

Outfit in picture: Gianni Bini jumpsuit http://www.dillards.com/p/Gianni-Bini-Fan-Fav-Lillian-Off-the-Shoulder-Tie-Sleeve-Jumpsuit/506740687?cm_mmc=GooglePLAs-_-Vendor+-+All+Products+-+Shopping-_-g-_-null&gclid=Cj0KEQjw5YfHBRDzjNnioYq3_swBEiQArj4pdMxaPRWcvasBrbKYRXj1-Hr2HbxbROEjHPOrAGLGLdMaAqZP8P8HAQ

2-Museums. Museums are great ways to take in art, history, and culture.

3-Small venue live music. There is nothing like the energy and feeling of going to a small venue and listening to some great local musicians.


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