Mandeville Moments 

I love exploring and discovering new places. Louisiana has some great small towns that I have never explored. Mandeville is one of those places. Downtown Mandeville has great little shops and restaurants.

The beautiful park and green space that borders the Lakefront is magnificent. Huge oak trees, benches, swings, walking path, play areas, and of course the gorgeous view of the Lake makes it an ideal picnic spot. I so enjoyed laying in the sun listening to the water and soaking up the incredible surroundings. It was so peaceful and relaxing.

We took a leisurely stroll and looked at the huge trees and stunning houses and couldn’t believe we had not discovered this amazing retreat before.

I am definitely planning a return visit. Mandeville has some great original moments to be captured!


Top 3 “To Do” in Mandeville

1- Explore the Downtown shops and have a snack or beverage at one of the amazing restaurants.

2- Go to the levee park spread out a blanket, have a picnic, and then relax, close your eyes and lay back. You’re welcome in advance!

3- Take a stroll and enjoy the water, the gorgeous trees, and stunning houses that line the street.

Get out, explore the area around you.

You may be surprised what you find!


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